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Web Design and Social Media Colerine - Online | Offline Branding | Management

Walker Studios is a small Web Design that specialises in Online and Offline Branding Management, currently based in the Coleraine area of Northern Ireland.

What is Online Branding Management?

Web Design and Social Media consist of the bulk of Online Branding. What we do is make sure that your website and Social Media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) is living up to it's full potential, and that they are helping your business rather than hindering it.

What is Offline Branding Management?

Most businesses benefit from some form of Offline Branding, for example Logo Design, Business Cards or Posters. Offline Branding differs for every business, and we can discuss what will work best for your business during a consultation.


Please note that while we list these services, these are the primary services offered, if you would like to discuss other Mutlimedia needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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